D Acres of New Hampshire is a not-for-profit Permaculture Farm and Educational Homestead located in Dorchester, NH. The Mission of the organization is to function as an educational center that researches, applies and teaches skills of sustainable living and small-scale organic farming. Striving to improve the human relationship to the environment, the center functions as a demonstration farm to role model exemplars of healthy living. Sharing a communal living situation, individuals come to respect and share values of interdependence and love of nature. In addition, the organization supports educational activities directed toward improving the quality of life of residents and the larger community.


Octt 22 Sunday Funday Group Mountain Bike Ride at D Acres

Oct 27 Last Friday Community Potluck and Open Mic Night

Oct 28 Last Saturday of the Month Volunteer Day

Nov 5th First Sunday Farm Feast Breakfast and Open House

Nov 5th Art of Fermentation with Louise Turner

November 17th- 19th Porcine Festival, Nose to Tail Investigation of Home Slaughter


Every Monday Yoga with Juhl East at D Acres 5pm-6pm.

Resident Positions Available!


Click here to order your copy of

The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm

Published by Chelsea Green.

Please request that your local library obtain a copy!



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