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D Acres of New Hampshire

Annual Report


2012 was a tremendous year on the farm. In our 15th year in Dorchester the activities were full of the challenges and celebrations that combine to create the realities of work in this evolving organization. Highlights from the year included Bill Trought’s retirement party and presentations by award-winning authors Michael Phillips, Didi Emmons, and Dave Jacke. We also coordinated a community dance with National Heritage Fellows Dudley & Jacqueline Laufman and hosted a concert by Grammy nominated pianist Masanobu Ikemiya. In addition, we hosted the first NH Permaculture Gathering, began a multi-farm CSA program, and circulated 12,000 copies of the Local Goods Guide. We have also continued to assist with the agricultural programs at the Bread and Puppet Theater in Glover, VT. Technologically our website has been updated with a new look and our Facebook and Youtube channels are attracting thousands of users. Visitors are flocking to enjoy our overnight accommodations and are particularly delighted by our gastronomic focus.

We are blessed with a resilient and durable staff that continue to strive to fulfill the mission of the organization. Regina Rinaldo provides direction to the core of our mission: the connection to food. Her capable hands continue to create culinary masterpieces from the food we have grown together on the land. Scott Codey has been transformed from the office suites of his former life into a farmer. His communicated rationale and stability throughout has helped to steady and steer the direction of the organizational voyage. I am inspired by both these staff members continued life of service for the greater community and their example strengthens my commitment to the mission of the organization.

I was also inspired by my experiences this fall with an Italian shepherd, Marco Maffia. Regina and Marco had met when she was traveling Italy as a WWOOFer last winter and she had invited him to visit our farm. Marco came to us during the month of October and was a wonderful breath of fresh air. Marco is an agriculturalist and he approached the monumental tasks of garlic planting and processing or potato harvesting in a methodical manner, accomplishing the tasks through consistent work. Although he lacked English language skills we shared profound understanding of the ethic necessary to succeed as a farmer.

Farming is a lifetime of investment in the land requiring consistent attention, knowledge and positive motivation to complete the tasks at hand. Though that information can be taught, the sense of service to the land is an ethic that agriculturalists manifest as behavioral patterns. These behavior patterns require devotion to long hours of repetitious tasks as well as problem solving the myriad of priorities throughout the day and calendar year. The trend of our current society is aversion to the hard and patient work of agriculture for it continues to uphold a unrealistically romantic view of farm life. This cultural aversion has undermined our efforts to effectively teach sustainability. Without a strong work ethic and a fundamental passion for our mission, the difficulties and inconveniences of this way of life can be overwhelming. It begs the question of what is truly being valued: convenience or simplicity?

Marco’s selflessness of deeds reminded me of my own sentiments towards this work. Here was a man who was satisfied by working in the dirt of a foreign land on his vacation after paying for a transatlantic flight. This behavior is indicative of the adage to give is better than receive. The fulfillment of the mission at D Acres depends on a willingness to contribute. As 65 year old D Acres participant Jim Horsley stated, “You can only get something out of D Acres if you put in.”

We look forward to another new beginning in our 16th year of continued evolution as an organization. The theme of the year is Cultivating the Home Garden which reflects our intention to perpetuate and strengthen our roots as a community organization. There will be a revitalization of our monthly food and community events as well as the 4th annual Permaculture Through the Seasons Course. The theme signifies an organizational realization of the importance of the fundamentals of our mission. Service to the land and community, to ourselves and each other.

2012 Year of Local Economy: Currency in Community




For the past four year, D Acres has seen many hard-working individuals dig in the gardens, chop veggies in the kitchen, and hunker down in the office. We would like to acknowledge Bethann Weick for her engagement in the D Acres project from 2008-2012.

Her drive, enthusiasm, positive attitude, and intense work ethic were an immense asset to the organization and we are all thankful to have worked so closely with her. She is not far, having moved only a couple of miles down the road--cultivating her own home garden and homesteading life. We wish her all the best and are glad to have her as a part of our wider Dorchester community.


Josh Trought, “Conductor”




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Board of Directors

Gary Walker: Chairman  Ronda Kilanowski: Treasurer

Bryan Felice, Bob Richer, Gordon Taylor

Joshua Trought

Regina Rinaldo
Kitchen Manager


Scott Codey
Outreach & Farm



We greatly appreciate your support through donations and contributions.

Members & Donors

Brenda and Bob Akerman

Rich Angell

Marilyn Ashley

Dick Batchelder

Clay Bedell

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Emily Smith

Eleanor and Larry Spencer


Gordon Taylor and Betsy Taylor-Kennedy

Nicole Tewksbury

Bill and Heli Tomford

Jean & Charles Townsend

Jennifer Troobnick

Elizabeth and William Trought

Louise Turner

Beverly and Gary Walker

Maria and Bob Weick

Eldwin & Marilyn Wixson

Catherine Wyatt

Karen Young & Doug Bruning


Dedicated to the memory of communitarian friends:

Gay Gould, Russell Libby

Thank you!



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Arthur Ashley Williams Foundation

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Daniel Dunfey Advised Fund

King Arthur Flour

Lavoie Foundation

Lizzie Cheney Charitable Foundation

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Bread and Puppet Theater

Butternut Farm

Cafe Monte Alto Coffee Roasters


Mondragon Co-op Bookstore


Peppercorn Natural Food Store


Rumney Animal Hospital

Undustrial Timberframes

Your support and enthusiasm, your sharing of dishes and musical talents, your membership and service and especially your smiling faces are what make this project possible!

D Acres is a Community Supported

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Monthly Events at the Farm

First Friday: Pizza and Movie Night

First Sunday: Farm Feast Breakfast & Open Trails

Third Thursday: Cooking with the Seasons

Last Friday: Potluck & Open Mic

Last Saturday: Volunteer Day


The Mission

of D Acres is to improve the human relationship with the rural
New England landscape through farm-based research, education, and demonstration of sustainable farming, cooperative community, and healthy living.

2013 Projects include:

v emphasis on orchard & perennial garden care

v the 7th edition of the Local Goods Guide

v our 4th year as host of the “Permaculture Through the Seasons” Design Course

v Rejuvinating Edith’s House & Constructing the Community Building Solarium


is the Year of

Cultivating the Home Garden



We appreciate donations of 2nd hand goods instead of new. We try to reuse practical goods that might otherwise be landfilled, incinerated or shipped to China.

Please see our Website for the comprehensive list.





Community Support

Individual Contributions $11,599

Foundations $10,688

In-Kind Gifts $9,539

Membership Dues $7,028

Fundraising Events $8,562

Total Community Support $47,416

Agricultural Programs

General Education $47,240

Classes & Workshops $19,109

Farm Product & Ag Sales $32,782

Total Agricultural/Educational Programs $99,131

Total Income $146,547


Personnel         $33,976

Animals            $7,883

Advertising       $3,286

Dues                $1,447

Farm Ops         $23,196

Insurance         $13,343

Occupancy      $29,148

Prof. Fees        $7,022

Vehicles           $24,568

Total Expense $143,869

Financials: Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2012



Wish List




Thanks to a generous donation from the Trought Family, we began serious renovations to the original timber-frame cape house located on Streeter Road. This house was occupied by Delbert & Edith Gray in 1946. There are many hopes for the future of this building: resident & guest housing, meeting space, and storefront are a few ideas. Work will continue through 2013.


A special Thank You to our ourstanding volunteers:

Rich Angell, Steve Ash, Martin Decato, King Arthur Flour Employees, Max Fransen, Allison Furbish, Karen Ganey, Geoff Goodhue, Angus Gorman, Ken Gould, Johannes Griesshammer, Ryan Harvey, Meika Hashimoto, Jo*el Heathcote, Ronda Kilanowski, Paul & Joey Kile, Kevin Maass, George & Martha Morrill, John Morrissey, George Packard, Joan Packard, Plymouth State University Students, Bob Richer, Theresa Rinaldo, Brooke Stapleton, John Thompson, Jonathan Tremblay, Betty & Bill Trought, Louise Turner, Gary Walker, Bob & Maria Weick


Red House Renovation