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2013 Project Highlights



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D Acres of New Hampshire

Annual Report


In 2013 we celebrated another year of achievement and continued evolution of the project in Dorchester. In response to feedback from the public and D Acres residents, we scaled back our workshop and youth programming. We also have dismantled the intern and apprentice program in hopes of attracting more experienced and committed personnel. This evolution has allowed us to focus on implementing the organization’s mission with increased continuity. In 2014 we are determined to revitalize and enhance the onsite education with workshops and youth events.

One of the highlights of 2013 was the arrival of our neighbors across the brook. The Davenport Farm to our west has been rejuvenated by the Shroyers (Matt, Meghan, Liam). In addition their friend Tim and Meghan’s parents Roy and Shawn have been enthusiastic and positive additions to the Dorchester community. We look forward to a bright future in the neighborhood.

Two long anticipated infrastructure projects were undertaken: the solarium and the compost facility. Both the compost facility and solarium serve to educate as well as sustain the farm system by reducing costs while increasing yields. The solarium is an excellent addition for both our gardening and social systems. The space will free us from the constraints of our prior seed starting location in the basement. Instead of fluorescent lights in the basement, the natural sunlight of the solarium will improve the seed starting environment for both plants and people. The solarium will also be a welcomed expansion of the dining and event space. This will allow the elbow room to increase attendance at community events. The integrated heating system has an innovative earth tubes component designed to reduce energy costs into the future. The compost facility enhances our existing fertility system. Up to this point we have spread compost piles throughout the property. While there are advantages to this dispersal method, by consolidating these piles we have improved the efficiency, quality, and quantity of our compost system.

In addition to the structural additions at the farm, we have been fortunate to acquire several pieces of equipment in the last year. The skid steer and dump truck were refurbished by Kevin Maass of KTM Auto in Plymouth. After 16 years without these luxuries, we certainly appreciate the power of this equipment and we recognize the huge contribution that Kevin continues to donate to this organization. With the addition of a dual axle trailer we now have the capacity to readily pick up barnyard manure from offsite to augment our fertility program.

In addition to the work onsite our internet presence continues to effectuate our mission. In conjunction with the website, the facebook page now informs over 3,000 fans of our activities while the videos on our You Tube channel have been viewed nearly 100,000 times. As thousands of people visit these sites each month, D Acres outreach extends from the local to the global audience.

In 2014 our theme is Developing a Community Melody. Through the years we have recognized the difficulty of community living. Sharing the dynamics of people working in collaboration is challenging but rewarding. At D Acres the priority has been to develop extensive physical systems and infrastructure designed as a sustainable living model. In addition to the built infrastructure we recognize the focus and determination necessary to achieve a harmonious community. Toward the purpose of seeking to share the rich song of vibrant community we must remain dedicated to the work necessary to achieve this goal. By developing the melody that can hold a tune which sustains the people we will achieve our goals as a community.

D Acres is a community place based service project. We are working hard to achieve broad-based, long term continuity of participation onsite. While the 1st Sunday breakfast continues to attract people from around the region, we are seeking to improve attendance at our other community food events. Our goal is to provide the space for neighbors to share in the wealth that our community offers. We serve as a catalyst for weaving the strength of community connections.

To achieve this goal we need community participants. We urge you to spread the good word. Come bring a friend, co-worker, or family member to enjoy a D Acres event. Come at your leisure to tour the grounds and walk the woods. Join together and with us to create a vibrant community that sustains the people in this region. By escaping the virtual world we can come face to face to connect in the live entertainment of our thriving local culture.

2013 Year of Cultivating the Home Garden



A special Thank You to our outstanding volunteers:

NH AmeriCorps Crew, Tim B., Martin Decato, Jon Linden, Bryan Felice, Karen Ganey, Bree Heward, Ronda Kilanowski, Joey Kile, Kevin Maass, Laura Morgan, George & Martha Morrill, Dan O’Toole, Amanda Palmer, Matt Palo, Akshat Paliwal, Bob Richer, Chuck & Theresa Rinaldo, Roy & Shawn Russell, Matt & Megan Shroyer, Nicole Tewksbury, Betty & Bill Trought, Louise Turner, Gary Walker, West Central Behavioral

And Thank You to our 2013 resident participants:

Jais Brohinsky, EJ Callahan, Ruiqi Cho, Trevor Cross, Nick Hammond, Irene Lobeck,
Glenna Murray, David Pedrick

A special Thank You to our ourstanding volunteers:

NH AmeriCorps Crew, Martin Decato, Jon Linden, Bryan Felice, Karen Ganey, Ronda Kilanowski, Joey Kile, Kevin Maass, Laura Morgan, George & Martha Morrill, Dan O’Toole, Amanda Palmer, Matt Palo, Akshat P..., Bob Richer, Chuck & Theresa Rinaldo, Matt & Megan Shroyer, Nicole Tewksbury, Betty & Bill Trought, Louise Turner, Gary Walker

Josh Trought, “Conductor”


We recognize the various diverse contributions that build a community project, and through the Many Hands Program we hope to provide an inclusive portal for support and participation at D Acres. We would like the participants, partners and supporters of D Acres and community permaculture to be recognized without strict monetary commitment. Our hope is that volunteers, donors, and the participants can harmonize as we provide organizational support.

Instead of monthly renewals for memberships, we will send a once a year letter during March, asking for funds and volunteer participation for the year. Any monetary contribution is appreciated.

Volunteers are needed for committee work, administrative, construction, and gardening assistance. But there are many other projects like, organizing the library, harvesting, and distributing flyers.

A Many Hands Program participant is a donor, volunteer, onsite participant, or organizational collaborator/sponsor.


An Annual Appeal for Support & Participation

In 2013 D Acres collaborated with, donated to, and supported these local organizations: Artistic Roots, Baker River Arts Festival, Baker River Watershed, Keep the Heat On

Board of Directors

Gary Walker: Chairman  George Morrill: Treasurer

Bryan Felice, Martha Morrill, Bob Richer, Gordon Taylor


Joshua Trought


Regina Rinaldo


We greatly appreciate your support through donations and contributions.

2013 Contributors

Christine Miller

Debbie Blackey

Angela Jameson & John Kriz

Henry Parker

Bob & Claire Frilette

The Vogelsang Family

Kathy Shields

Rose Kile

Nancy Donohue

Elaine Kinder

Sarah Dunham

Martha Popp

Tim Gallagher

Peter Hughes

Rosemary Haness

Richard & Donna Herlihy

Drea Briggs

David Coultier

Margaret Salt

Katie & Tracy Cato

Jean & Charles Townsend

Linda Elbow

Amey Bailey

Larch Hanson

Suzanne Moberly

Henry Parker

Jodi Hager-Haslett

Donlon Wade

Ann & Tom Blair

Lynn Chong & Rob Pearlman

James & Lydia McCart

Joan & Carl DiRisio

Shane and Sara Misuro

Gretchen Gehrke

Mary Ellen Kahn & Family

Gisele and Paul Estes

Betsy & Neil Cullen

Danni Simmon & Barrie Sawyer

Brain Marsicovetere & Family

Charles & Marilyn Maass

George & Martha Morrill

Kole & Melissa Birke

Charles & Theresa Rinaldo

Gordon & Betsy Taylor

Eric Marshall

Bob & Heidi Burke

Susan Pulver

Bob & Celine Richer

Dave Noel

Clayton McClintock

Elizabeth & William Trought

Boris Cibej

Colin Hughes

Kelly Dwyer

Colin Schumaker

Blondine Bousquerard

Jean Michel Dumont

Sara Biber

Sebastion & Julia Reineke

Derrick Flynn

Mike Adelson

Wei Long

Rob Wisniewski

Sam Ferrec

Rob Reuf

Louis Cansserreau

Eva Moi

Matt Bracken

Neha Lodha

Chantelle Vignola

Jeff Phaulp

Renaud Genone

CoraLee Coll

Ursula Samrowski

Mimi Lui

Casey Schmidt

Dave Bombach

Robert Shulman

Kitty Hodgetts

Tom Pitts

Florian Knorr

James Wade

Kate Jackson

Frank Fidelman

Julian Andrews

Eric Benzel

Ikko Soga

Sara Schwartz

Rose Landau

Kateryna Hebert

Merrick Johnston

Meredith Gilbert

Katya Hill

Jesse Burkhardt

Matt Curry

Claudia Gherbesi

Simon Gee

Gail Rowe & Family

Selena Ley

Stephanie DeSousa

Robyn Watts

Mike Pond

Beth Roberts

Melanie Daulton

Russ Wilshire

Michelle Goulet

Jais Brohinsky


Dedicated to the memory of communitarian friend:

Elizabeth Obelanus

Thank you!



Cogswell Benevolent Trust

NH Electric Co-op

Independent Portfolio Consultants

Crowel Family Foundation

Arthur l. Getz Foundation


Bread and Puppet Theater

Butternut Farm

Cafe Monte Alto Coffee Roasters


Peppercorn Natural Food Store


Undustrial Timberframes

Your support and enthusiasm, your sharing of dishes and musical talents, your membership and service and especially your smiling faces are what make this project possible!

D Acres is a Community Supported


Monthly Events at the Farm

First Sunday: Farm Feast Breakfast & Open Trails

Second Friday: Pizza and Movie Night

Third Thursday: Cooking with the Seasons

Last Friday: Potluck & Open Mic

Last Saturday: Volunteer Day

The Mission

of D Acres is to improve the human relationship with the rural
New England landscape through farm-based research, education, and demonstration of sustainable farming, cooperative community, and healthy living.

2014 Projects include:

v emphasis on orchard & perennial garden care

v our 5th year as host of the “Permaculture Through the Seasons” Design Course

v the 8th edition of the Local Goods Guide

v 1st Permaculture Teacher Training Course

v 2nd NH Permaculture Gathering


is the Year of

Developing a Community Melody



We appreciate donations of 2nd hand goods instead of new. We try to reuse practical goods that might otherwise be landfilled, incinerated or shipped to unknown locations. Please see our Website for the comprehensive list.





Community Support

Individual Contributions $14,474

Foundations $10,880

Federal USDA Grant $13,001

Fundraising Events $6,417

Total Community Support $44,772

Agricultural Programs

General Education $44,009

Classes & Workshops $16,089

Farm Product & Ag Sales $10,640

Total Agricultural/Educational Programs $70,738

Total Income $115,510


Personnel         $25,478

Animals            $6,907

Advertising       $746

Dues                $1,936

Farm Ops         $13,243

Grant Expense $19,580

Insurance         $6,081

Occupancy      $23,115

Prof. Fees        $6,903

Vehicles           $8,360

Total Expense $112,349

Financials: Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2013


Wish List



D Acres would like to thank Bob Guyotte and his excavation crew, and Dave from Squam Foundations, for their diligence and professional work ethic with these two projects.

DAcresConst 5.JPG

Solarium & Climate Battery

Compost Facility

DAcresConst 7.JPG