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2015 Project Highlights



Printed on Recycled Paper



D Acres of New Hampshire

Annual Report


As 2015 ends, we would like to thank all of you participants this past year. Ranging from workshop presenters to overnight guests to the residents and regulars, you are the people that are creating the community. We are consistently inspired by the generosity and kind spirits that enable this project. This has been a productive growing season bolstering the infrastructure while also expanding the organization’s programs and capacity. The Many Hands helped to provide the food, both figuratively and literally, which nourishes us as we move forward.

Throughout the year we host a broad range of activities for the public. The programs are ongoing collaborations cultivated with local musicians, educators, neighbors and residents, providing low-cost, accessible events with content for the whole family. Hoping to tailor our programming to meet community interest, we created a survey to refine and enhance what we share with the public--please take the time to complete the survey and shape the future of programs at D Acres.

Kids Day programming continued to provide local youth with a venue for art and creativity while connecting with nature and the food system. We hosted at least one workshop per month with activities such as painting, woodworking, music, gardening and culinary creations. These workshops give the kids a spot to gather on weekends, vacations and teacher workdays while also providing an opportunity for teachers such as Stacey Lucas and Sara Hage to share their talents.

Our adult education courses also continued to provide expertise and connections to the community. We hosted author and herbalist, Nancy Phillips, for a two day intensive on “Herbs for Family Health”.

Our 6th annual Permaculture “Through the Seasons” Design course evolved to include former participants as instructors, providing 18 students with a strong base of permaculture design experience.

In July, we collaborated with local farms and businesses to host a Downtown Plymouth Block Party at Biederman’s Deli. This fundraiser for the “Got Lunch” programs included a pig roast with all the fixings and a dessert bar with in-kind donations from local bakeries and farms. Early in the fall we organized a dance in Rumney, which attracted a large and enthusiastic crowd for music and traditional contra dancing. Additionally, we hosted musical events such as the “Roochie Toochie Band”, “The Iron Ranger Project” and the “Bread and Puppet Brass Band” as well as several other dance parties so folks could get out and mingle with musical culture. Our neighbor, Kerri, brought a summer series of trail running for kids and adults to the farm, which culminated in a Halloween Haunt run through the forest. All of these activities brought people to the farm and created connections to nature and community.

In November, the second annual Porcine Fest provided an opportunity for camaraderie and comprehension of whole animal processing in a hands-on collaborative environment. Over three days we prepared 25 traditional menu items in an attempt to utilize all the parts from nose to tail. The Porcine Fest concluded with a public feast, sharing the dishes in celebration.

The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm was published in March by Chelsea Green. The book, which was written as an overview of the first 15 years of the operations and evolution of D Acres, has been well-received by the public. While commercial success with book sales is pleasant, hearing feedback that the book is useful to both local New Englanders and people around the world has been most fulfilling. During this past year, Josh traveled to Bioneers by the Bay and the Small Farmer’s Conference at Stone Barns, as well as local libraries and the Old West Church in Boston to speak about the book. In 2016 the book talks will continue with a January visit to the Massachusetts Organic Farmer’s Winter Conference. Please help us get the book out to the public by suggesting it to libraries and friends. Positive reviews on Amazon are much appreciated.

The evolution of Edith’s House has continued with ongoing renovations. This past winter we constructed porches on two sides and insulated the walls. This fall we insulated and added new roofing to the structure. For the winter project we are reconnecting the studio and main house with a breezeway and balcony. We welcomed Bree, Sawyer and Isla as residents this summer. Bree is working full time at Dartmouth Hitchcock as a nurse while the kids live onsite every other week. The family adds another layer of diversity and excitement to the residential cadre.

This year we hosted 16 residents with some from as far as China, Columbia and Scotland. While the internationals added flavor, our core was composed of New Englanders including staff Sonia Gaudette and James Howard. These participants provided the reliable consistency necessary to manage operations through all four seasons. We are continually blessed with the positive energy supplied by the people both in the long and short term, and are super thankful for all the hard work that was accomplished to meet the organization’s goals. This spring we are announcing the Community Fun-Raiser job position--the job has a dynamic role ranging from advertising to grant writing and administrative responsibilities. If you know of someone who can keep us organized and on task, send them our way!

Just a reminder to attend our regular food events. Bring friends for the relaxing atmosphere, nutritious for the whole family. Thanks for your contribution to the common good. Look forward to seeing you on the farm!

2015 Year of the Community Scale Permaculture Farm


Board of Directors

Bryan Felice, Chairman; Martha Morrill, Secretary

Bob Richer, Gordon Taylor, Marylena Sevigney, Josh Trought, Sarah Dunham-Miltois


Josh Trought, “Conductor”

many hands green

We recognize the various diverse contributions that build a community project, and through the Many Hands Program we have provided an inclusive portal for support and participation at D Acres. We would like the participants, partners and supporters of D Acres and community permaculture to be recognized without strict monetary commitment. Our hope is that volunteers, donors, and the participants can harmonize as we provide organizational support.

Instead of monthly renewals for memberships, we will send a once-a-year letter, asking for funds and volunteer participation for the year. Any monetary contribution is appreciated.

Volunteers are needed for committee work, administrative, construction, and gardening assistance. But there are many other projects like organizing the library, harvesting, and distributing flyers.

To all of our Many Hands particpants, whether a donor, volunteer, onsite participant, or organizational collaborator/sponsor, we heartily thank you. And we hope to see Many more Hands involved in 2016!


An Annual Appeal for Support & Participation

In 2015 D Acres collaborated with, donated to, and supported these local organizations: Artistic Roots, the Got Lunch Programs in Plymouth, Campton and Rumney, CRUX, Permaculture Institute of the Northeast (P.I.N.E.), GALA, Keep the Heat On, Summers End Conference, The One Planet Program, UNH, PSU, Ledyard Charter School, NH Permaculture Gathering.



We greatly appreciate your support through donations and contributions.

Scott & Amey Bailey

Daniel & Judy Bandieri

Steven Bolles

Arthur & Diana Burdette

David Coulter

Dick Devens

Nancy Donahue

Sarah Dunham-Miliotis

Rodney & Angel Ekstrom

Alexis Eynon

Glidden & Guyette

Rosemary Haness

John J. Kriz & Angela Jameson

Mary Ellen Kahn & Family

Thad DeFauw & Joe Kelaghan

Brenda Kneeland

Nai Peng Lee

Douglas Lumb

Jim & Lydia McCart

George & Martha Morrill

Mauren Olsen

Akshat Paliwal

Bob & Celine Richer

Charles & Theresa Rinaldo

Roy & Shawn Russell

Joel & Deborah Slocum

Dunstan Smith

Jamie Sykes

Nicole Tewksbury

Heli & Bill Tomford

Elizabeth & William Trought

Louise Turner

Jim Von Bramer

Beverly & Gary Walker

Permaculture Institute of the Northeast

Peppercorn Natural Foods

6 Burner Bistro

Burrito Me

Sodexo Dining Services

Plymouth State University

Pam & Fred Gould

Davis & Towle Insurance Group

Black Magic Chimney Sweeps

Josh Arnold & Molly Messenger

Dick & Jackie Batchelder

in memory of Jules Doner

Amy & Ian Mevorach & Family

Eric Endres

Kate VanderWide

David Barner

John Hilliker

Ruth Weschler

Amber Christoffersen

Becky Bakker

Diane West

Christina Swanson

Laura Weiland

Ryan O’Connor

David Bocchichio

Charles St Lois

Sara-Joy Liebig

Jen Alba

Joseph Kelaghan

Jaronzie Harris

Ken Grove

Charles & Marilyn Maass

Sylvie Belanger

Jessica Keller

Alexandra Beautyman

Cogswell Benevolent Trust

Keri Bassingwaite

James & Lydia McCart

Jackie Fairbank

Lavoie Foundation

Marion Cohen Trust

Marylena Sevigney

Kate Lasko

Sam Daulton

Wolfson Jewelers

Barb, Ted, & Molly McCahan

James Ward

Traci Lawson

Matt Mager

David Roller

Bread and Puppet Theater

Sarah Schwartz

Matt Shroyer

Marguerite Stern

Carly Caminiti

Sean Walsh

Lyle Phipps

Sineade Sokolskiy

Beth Grant

Bree Heward

NH Charitable Foundation

Citizens Bank

Nancy P. Donahue

Kirk & Sharon Phelps

Ben St James

Janet Doner

Birke Chu Family Fund

Andy Lang

Diane Arsenault

Crowell Family Foundation

Gisela & Paul Estes

Ed Farnsworth

Mindy B Stern

Shawn A Sprague

Stephanie DeSousa

Lucia Nieve Robles Stefoni

John Parejko

John Bateman

Cynthia Armstrong

Melinda Beach

Chris Woods & Clare Eckert

Audrey & Brian Eisenhauer

Martha Popp

Alexandra Olson

Jeffrey & Susan Pulver

Alan Rosen

Eleanor & Larry Spencer

KTM Auto

Rich Angel

Tim Kelly Rossiter

Ronda & Randy Kilanowski

Frederick S Kelsey, MD

& Katharina M Kelsey

Undustrial Timber Frames, LLC

Bryan Felice

Donlon Wade


Dedicated to the memory of our communitarian friend:

Paul McGoldrick

Thank you!


D Acres is a

Community Supported

Your support and enthusiasm, your sharing of dishes and musical talents, your Many Hands and especially your smiling faces are what make this project possible!

Upcoming Events at the Farm


• First Sunday - Farm Feast Breakfast

• Second Friday - Family Pizza and

a Movie Night

• Last Friday - Pot Luck & Open Mic

• Last Saturday - Volunteer Day

• Kids Day - Dates vary, keep up to date with Facebook, our website, or our email newsletter!

• Annual Clothing Swap

• Permaculture Design Certification Course, Begins May 16th - Sign up online!

• Fall Porcine Festival

• Herbal Workshops

Ongoing Opportunities-Bulk Food Buying Club & Animal Grain/Feed Cooperative Buying

The theme for 2016 is Perpetuating and Evolving Our Culture. Moving into our 19th year, we continue to evolve and expand our organizational mission to share knowledge. This new year, we are excited to begin a relationship with Canaan Elementary School to help develop their school garden and compost system. We are also expanding onsite youth programs with instructors Becky Brown and Sara Hage this spring. We are salivating in anticipation this summer for the arrival of resident chef Dunstan Smith who is bound to make 2016 a delicious year.

Onsite, we are preparing for the next stage of development at D Acres. We are building a tiny house this spring in conjunction with Plymouth State University students. Designed to encourage longer term residential commitments, this tiny house will be a prototype of a four-season housing model that will help provide additional comfortable, private accommodations. Our goal is to improve continuity of staff and increase the number and age diversity of multi-year residents.

Perpetuating and Evolving

Our Culture

2016 is the year of

The Mission

of D Acres is to improve the human relationship with the rural New England landscape through farm-based research, education, and demonstration of sustainable farming, cooperative community, and healthy living.



Community Support

Individual Contributions $17,735.99

Business 672.65

Foundations 14,902.20

In-Kind Donations 275.33

Fundraising Events 8,373.31

Total Community Support $41,959.48

Agricultural Programs

General Education $48,858.24

Workshops & Classes 27,387.00

Farm Product & Ag Sales 17,325.02

Total Agricultural/Educational

Programs $93,570.26

Total Income $135,529.74


Personnel $31,131.11

Animals 3,262.66

Advertising 4,194.49

Dues 2,139.68

Farm Ops 13,865.60

Insurance 12,121.55

Occupancy 35,675.43

Prof. Fees 14,575.00

Vehicles 12,401.63 Total Expense $129,367.60







We appreciate donations of 2nd hand goods instead of new. We try to reuse practical goods that might otherwise be landfilled, incinerated or shipped to unknown locations. Please see our Website for the comprehensive list.

Financials: Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2015

Wish List


D Acres continues to be a catalyst for developing community connection and educational programs. We hosted the 6th Permaculture Through the Seasons Design Course from April through November. See our website to sign up for the 2016 course.


SAVE THE DATE! 4th annual NH Permaculture Gathering | August 20, 2016

Orchard Hill | 125 Old Settlers Rd. Alstead, NH


NH Permaculture in 2015