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2016 Project Highlights



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D Acres of New Hampshire

Annual Report

WOW! Sometimes it is hard to imagine that we are on the verge of our 20th Year of operations at D Acres. Since 1997 D Acres has forged a model of farming that serves community. The past two decades have been full of surprises and challenges as the design of the organization has evolved. Throughout this journey our quest has been to provide an example by creating a livelihood through cooperative farming. Our mission is to improve the human relationship with the rural landscape through farm-based research, education and demonstration of sustainable farming, cooperative community and healthy living.

Before we look ahead it is important to celebrate the tremendous year of 2016. First, the organization recognizes the substantial effect Dunstan Smith’s residency offered the community. His stewardship as gardener and cook provided the basis for a fantastic growing season. Despite the drought conditions, the gardens provided our largest harvests to date and the root cellar is bursting with food to share at community events. Dunstan also initiated the D Acres Supper Club, a monthly food event that featured up to ten courses of seasonal cuisine prepared in 5 star fashion. The response from attendees, who recognized the quality and freshness of the ingredients, signalled the success of this model. This legitimate “Table on Farm” cuisine provided another opportunity for D Acres to demonstrate a model for farm viability.

Additionally, in 2016 D Acres successfully partnered with Canaan Elementary School. We participated in programs at CES with the goal of supporting environmental education on campus. We worked to enhance and stimulate gardening, composting and recycling within the institution. We intend to expand support into other area schools in hopes that we will habitualize these behaviors and build skills for our future citizens.

Another program that we have planned for many years is coming to fruition. The cooperative grain purchasing system has the infrastructure we have been waiting for through the November installation of the silo, we can now order bulk organic grain. The lower cost of bulk buying will assist small farmers and backyard flocks to expand by increasing the economic viability of poultry in the Pemi-Baker region.

Twenty years of work has created a tremendous portfolio of onsite infrastructures and community outreach programs characterized by innovation. D Acres has initiated programs such as Local Foods Plymouth, the Pemi-Baker Local Goods Guide, NH Permaculture Day and the comprehensive book “The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm” published by Chelsea Green. The gardens and orchards encompass over 5 acres with hundreds of fruit, nut, and medicinal perennials creating one of the most renowned forest gardens in North America. The creation of fertility through a partnership with pigs has yielded a viable demonstration of no-till gardening which has yielded international recognition. In addition we have constructed the Summer Kitchen, Metal Shop, Greenhouse/Animal Combo, added ponds and enhanced wetlands on the property. Onsite we have created a Multiplex Community Building, renovated the existing farmhouse and original structures, as well as created housing options for onsite residents ranging from treehouses to tiny houses. Our forest trail system combines natural history and recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities. During the 20 years we have hosted nearly 1000 onsite residents who have contributed as active learners and participants. We have also recorded tens of thousands of visitors, volunteer hours and tours. Our internet outreach has attracted over 7,500 facebook fans and over 600,000 views on YouTube.

This assemblage of accomplishments is the result of a collective effort. We are walking the talk in our work to create rural culture that exists in harmony with nature. This process of creating an ecologically designed society has required sweat, generosity, love, and tears. The tears emanate from the profound emotional commitment and passion for this project as well as the gravity of the future for our culture. Worldwide recognition of socioeconomic disparity and environmental destruction has heightened the urgency and stimulated sadness and frustration but also provides an opportunity to work towards solutions with shared joy and hope.

2016 Year of the Perpetuating & Evolving Our Culture


Board of Directors

Bryan Felice & Sarah Dunham-Miliotis Co-Chair;

Chip Stata, Treasurer Martha Morrill, Secretary

Bob Richer, Marylena Sevigney, Josh Trought

Upcoming Events at the Farm


• First Sunday - Farm Feast Breakfast

• Second Friday - Family Pizza and

a Movie Night

• Last Friday - Pot Luck & Open Mic

• Last Saturday - Volunteer Day

• Kids Day - Dates vary, keep up to date with Facebook, our website, or our email newsletter!

• Annual Clothing Swap

• Permaculture Design Certification Course, Begins in May- Sign up today!

• Fall Porcine Festival Nov 17-19

• ContraDance Feb 25 @TownHall

Ongoing Opportunities-Bulk Food Buying Club & Animal Grain/Feed Cooperative Buying


Josh Trought, “Conductor”

many hands green

We recognize the various diverse contributions that build a community project, and through the Many Hands Program we have provided an inclusive portal for support and participation at D Acres. We would like the participants, partners and supporters of D Acres and community permaculture to be recognized without strict monetary commitment. Our hope is that volunteers, donors, and the participants can harmonize as we provide organizational support.

Instead of monthly renewals for memberships, we will send a once-a-year letter, asking for funds and volunteer participation for the year. Any monetary contribution is appreciated.

Volunteers are needed for committee work, administrative, construction, and gardening assistance. But there are many other projects like organizing the library, harvesting, and distributing flyers.

To all of our Many Hands particpants, whether a donor, volunteer, onsite participant, or organizational collaborator/sponsor, we heartily thank you. And we hope to see Many more Hands involved in 2017!


An Annual Appeal for Support & Participation

In 2016 D Acres collaborated with, donated to, and supported these local organizations: Artistic Roots, Bread and Puppet Theater, WWOOF, CRUX, Grafton County 4-H, Russell Elementary School, BioNutrient Food Association, Permaculture Association of the Northeast (P.A.N.), GALA, Keep the Heat On, Summers End Conference, Turtle Ridge Foundation, UNH Slow Food, PSU, Ledyard Charter School, NH Permaculture Gathering, Fellowship for Intentional Communities, Mascoma HS Project Graduation



We greatly appreciate your support through donations and contributions.

John Kriz & Angela Jameson

Ajantha Attaluri

Brenda Kneeland

Cynthia Armstrong

Gigi & Paul Estes

Dick Devens

Audrey & Brian Eisenhauer

Kirk & Sharon Phelps

Rodney & Angel Ekstrom

Edward Farnsworth

Janet Donor

George & Martha Morrill

Dick & Jackie Batchelder

KTM Auto

Rich Angel

Turtle Ridge Foundation

Cogswell Benevolent Trust

Lavoie Foundation

Mascoma Savings Bank

Bank of NH

D.E.L.D. Foundation

NH Electric Co-Op

NH Charitable Wellborn Foundation, Amy & Ian Mevorach & Family

Douglas Lumb

Mary & Paul Hazelton

Tim Kelly Rossiter

Ronda & Randy Kilanowski

Joan Ecklein

Wes Singleton

Barry & Jen Heney

Bob & Celine Richer

Margaret Salt

Charles & Theresa Rinaldo

Beverly & Gary Walker

Elizabeth & William Trought

Louise Turner

Laura & Gil Richardson

Scott Drummey

Richard Smith

Ed Burje

Sicilia & Yatming Chan

Diane & Daniel Bergeron

Marcia Morris

Martha Popp & Alex Olson

Jim & Lydia McCart

Jim VonBramer

Kimberley Quirk

Russ Cohen

Sarah Dunham-Miliotis

Michael Long

Pamela Wright

Lisa Bagwell

Scott & Amey Bailey

Ann & Tom Blair

Arthur & Diana Burdette

Patricia Love

Roy & Shawn Russell

Steve & Charlene Whitman

Peter Pirnie & Diane Arsenault

Kol & Melissa Birke

Bread and Puppet Theater

Tomoko & Masanobu Ikemiya

Mary Ellen Kahn
Dave Noel

Jeffrey & Susan Pulver

Al & Peggy Rosen

Eleanor & Larry Spencer


Gordon Taylor & Betsy Taylor-Kennedy

Josh Arnold & Molly Messenger

Ted & Barbara McCahan

Chris & Sarah Barron

Steve Bolles

David Coulter

Chris Woods & Clare Eckert

Kathie & Richard Flanders

Suzan Gannett

Marylena, Graham and Nick Sevigney

Ryan DeMatteo

Nicole Tewksbury

Nancy Donahue

Birke Chu Family Fund

Judith Olsen & Andy Jones

Katharina & Frederick Kelsey

Cafe Mt. Alto

Cassie Tucker

Shanti & Alex

Quinn Stata

Rachel & Blanca

Regina Rinaldo

Stacey Lucas

Allison Tetrault

Dunstan Smith

Melanie Heazel

Katrina Alden

Rich Angell

Krystyna Oszkinis & Matt,

Josh Zieve

Griff Radulski

Meredith Cogswell

Sawyer & Isla McHugh

Bree Heward

Sonia Gaudette

Olivia Jones

Jenny Lowell

Jeff Panik

Jess Whitaker

Gavin Fortin

Bev Rogan

Molly McCahan

Sam Durfee

Jais Brohinsky

Geoff Goodhue

Grandpa Lee

Jen Adams

Eliza Howard

Jeremy Devoid

Becky Brown

Sharon Shea

Karen Doherty

Louie Bartnik


Ernie Marsh

Sant Bani School

Liza Tetley

Sean Carney

Jon Lawrence

Dan Bensonoff

Drew Clark

Joyce Weston & Sally Widerstrom


Dedicated to the memory of our communitarian friends:

Bob Pon, Sandi Green, Dean Mason, Mark Younger,

Todd Downing, Toby Hemenway, Bill Mollison

Thank you!


D Acres is a

Community Supported

Your support and enthusiasm, your sharing of dishes and musical talents, your Many Hands and especially your smiling faces are what make this project possible!

While twenty years is a symbolic number, it is a great opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the past and chart a course for the future.

We are enthused to continue the evolution at the farm. Plans for the next twenty years include infrastructures such as an ice house and a living machine. The living machine will purify water from the sinks and showers of the Community Building. The ice house provides an opportunity to combine traditional technology with a modern twist creating a refrigerated space in our root cellar during the summer months.

We will also be refining our maple syrup operations by upgrading our equipment and facilities. To stimulate local food production we will be purchasing seed cleaning equipment to save seeds for consumption and future planting. Equipment of this caliber is unattainable by individual small farmers but can be utilized cooperatively to increase the food resilience in our region. This infrastructure will build upon the remarkable collection of technologies which serve as experimentations and demonstrations for onsite visitors and residents.

Another facet for creating sustainability at D Acres is the design and implementation of a shared housing model. Staff and resident housing needs to be improved beyond our current structures. While treehouses will always be an option for some, we are seeking to provide housing that is multi-generational and comfortable through the winter months. Over the next five years we will be creating a residential campus which will be designed to meet these needs. We hope that these improvements will strengthen our capacity to retain staff and build long term organizational continuity.

With the solid foundation of twenty years as a community service and educational farm, the next twenty will provide a tremendous opportunity at D Acres. Through persistence and a practical step by step approach, we are reaching our goals as an organization. While we are proud of what has been accomplished thus far, we realize that the road ahead will continue to be challenging. Our community network provides both the basis of operations as well as the motivation and inspiration to continue the hard work. This reciprocal relationship is the glue that binds this place based operation feeding community far into the future.

We value your support whether through visits, volunteered time or monetary donations. Together we are creating a community farm, rich with innovation and creativity. Today we are forging a model for farm-based community for the future. Thanks for being a part of this collective effort, your contribution is sincerely appreciated.

If you would like to be involved with planning the future of D Acres, lettuce know, we need you.

Refining the Vision for the Next Twenty (1997-2017+)

2017 is the year of

The Mission

of D Acres is to improve the human relationship with the rural New England landscape through farm-based research, education, and demonstration of sustainable farming, cooperative community, and healthy living.



Community Support

Individual Contributions $21,098.20

Business 503.91

Foundations 22,875.46

In-Kind Donations 568.95

Fundraising Events 7,671.02

Total Community Support $52,717.54

Agricultural Programs

General Education $47,911.06

Workshops & Classes 27,551.30

Farm Product & Ag Sales 14,816.72

Total Agricultural/Educational

Programs $90,279.08

Total Income $142,996.62


Personnel $37,257.02

Animals 10,460.32

Advertising 1,863.19

Dues 2,402.14

Farm Ops 31,334.83

Insurance 11,640.25

Occupancy 30,539.11

Prof. Fees 4,502.25

Vehicles 12,862.16 Total Expense $142,861.27







We appreciate donations of 2nd hand goods instead of new. We try to reuse practical goods that might otherwise be landfilled, incinerated or shipped to unknown locations. Please see our Website for the comprehensive list.

Financials: Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2016

Wish List


D Acres continues to be a catalyst for developing community connection and educational programs. We hosted the 7th Permaculture Through the Seasons Design Course from April through November. See our website to sign up for the 2017 course.


SAVE THE DATE! 5th annual NH Permaculture Gathering | August 26, 2017

Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum | 18 Highlawn Rd, Warner NH


NH Permaculture in 2016