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I grew up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Even as a young kid I always wanted to work. In my youth I would rake leaves, shovel snow, and do chores around my neighborhood and for family and friends. When I got a little older I started working for my Dad's construction company on weekends and school vacations. I graduated from Sacred Heart High School in 2003. Right after graduating I started working two jobs. Working by day for my brothers painting company and by night as a line cook at a restaurant. I got my first "real" job in November of 2003 working for a residential house framing company. I worked on various crews building homes for about 8 years.From there I branched out and learned other phases of carpentry/construction including cabinetry, furniture making, and fine finish work.I moved to Woonsocket, RI in 2008.Eventually I decided to work for myself, and became self employed in 2011. Over the years I did a lot of work I am proud of, from decks and porches to kitchen remodels, and everything in between.Over the course of the past 5 years I grew interested in a more sustainable way to live. I saw problems with so many of our modern ways of living. I grew more and more unhappy participating in the conventional system. The urban setting that I lived in illustrated this daily. I did what I could going to farmers markets, recycling, growing things in my apartment. I knew I could do more. I also grew tired of the noise, traffic, and lack of nature where I lived.

I came to D Acres for a visit basically on a whim, not knowing much about the farm, or what goes on here. Over the course of the week I realized I wanted to be a part of the community, and that what is going on here is really special. I felt as though I had found what I had been seeking, even if I didn't know what it looked like, or that a place like this even existed in the world. So I packed up basically the past 10 years of my life, said good bye to a long term relationship and many friends, to come live my dream as a farmer/homesteader. 

I feel very fortunate and grateful to have found this place, and been accepted as a part of the community. I plan to do all I can to contribute in whatever capacity or role is needed.

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