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Open Trails at D Acres of NH

Most of the 180 acres managed by D Acres is forest land.  In addition to its role in providing clean air and water, the forest is a wonderful place to explore as well as a valuable resource.  We maintain a trail system with over 6 miles of trails for year round recreational activities, such as hiking, biking, skiing and snowshoeing.  Open to all, so please come and enjoy!!

Sunday Breakfast at D Acres - Every Sunday 7:30-11am
Join us for Breakfast at D Acres. Eggs prepared how you like them ( sunnyside, over easy, over hard or scrambled) and coffee & tea complementary Menu Breakfast The Works - Pork, Eggs, Greens, Pancakes, Potatoes $12 Oatmeal - $4 Side of Seasonal Vegetables - $4 Side of Greens - $4 Side of Potatoes - $4 Side of Pork - $4 Side of Pancakes - $4 Side of Eggs - $4


Saturday Night Dinner - Informal fine dining farm to table experience.
Open to the Public with Reservations. We prefer 24 hours advance notification. Let us know any dietary restrictions. Dinner is $15. $3 dessert. Half price for kids under 10 years of age. Menu typically consists of appetizers, soup or salad and main course ( D Acres Pork, rice & beans, vegetables ) 6:30pm Beer & Wine Menu

Monthly Events
We have a wide array of regularly scheduled community events. Follow the links below for in-depth descriptions and dates.

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