Artist / Tradesperson

We are seeking motivated personnel to take on developing and amplifying the pursuit of various projects at D Acres. If you have the skills and energy to take on multiple specialties or slices of project pies you are encouraged to begin a dialogue with us.

Specialists Opportunities Available
Hospitality - manage reservations and maintain accommodations for overnight visitors

Herbology - maintain and enhance existing herb gardens, develop products for in-house usage, develop products for sale, facilitate classes and workshops to the public

Woodworking - maintain and amplify existing woodworking program, provide for farm needs onsite, develop products for sale, offer classes and workshops to the public

Special Projects - design and implementation of various on-going & new projects. Projects include solarium, bicycle-powered tools, ground driven farm implements, grey-water & living machine wastewater recycling, wind &, micro-hydropower generation, solar hot water applications, grounds GPS mapping, icehouse


Seeking a recreational specialist.

We would like to share our homestead with someone who is passionate about recreation and helping others get exercise in the woods. We have regular traffic on weekends we are looking to grow. We need someone willing to help folks with a flat or a bad gear change or offer advice on technique or help wax some skis. We are flexible on the hourly commit and while we can not offer a salary at this juncture we will provide food and room, access to internet, woodshop, metalshop, craft room and yoga studio. Many residents also obtain revenue from online or offsite employment. The trail building is probably where we could use the most significant help in the summer months although grooming in the winter is also a major focus.  There is also glade skiing and fat bike potential.

ISO Experienced bike mechanic, trail builder and nordic skiing enthusiast. At D Acres we have a unique opportunity as a neighbor to the Green Woodlands trail system. We offer camping, food, farm store & restrooms to the public who have access to the immense network of groomed skiing and mountain bike trails. We would like to augment our services by adding additional trails on our property as well as offering emergency bike repairs and services to skiers. We are seeking an experienced individual to provide these services in exchange for room and board. Willing to consider business partnership with individual committed to long term venture. Also we are close to Rumney Crag if you like to sport climb. 
Please contact Josh at D Acres of New Hampshire Organic Farm & Educational Homestead for further information.

Delbert's Smithy


Metal Fabrication - maintain and amplify existing metalworking program, provide for farm needs onsite, develop products for sale, offer classes and workshops to the public

Videography - maintain, enhance, and amplify existing program…

Graphic Design - coordinate existing media ads & website as well as add flair to our public presentations at all levels

Youth Ed- coordinate with area schools, camps and home scholars to develop an ongoing program of youth education

Renewable Energy - document and improve our onsite energy consumption and efficiency, develop solutions to provide greater power and reduced consumption

Alternative Construction - design/build structures onsite using integrated earthen construction techniques, offer classes and workshops to the public

Forestry - From woodlot to board feet. Whole forest system including logging, animal powered extraction, chipping, firewood, and recreational trail maintenance & development

Fruit& Nut Nursery Perennial Specialist - management of existing orchard for production and disease & pest resistance, nursery development for onsite amplification and sale

Animal Husbandry - care of chickens, ducks, pigs, oxen, bees, worms, dairy. Housing, feeding, rotation, birth to death mutualistic commitment

Fundraising & Grant Writing - do it

Bookkeeping - experience and detail orientation required

Events Coordination- advertise and organize regular and special events

Seed Saving - amplification of onsite program, facilitate regional seed saving efforts, provide classes & workshops for public education

Marketing/Media/Correspondence- advertising and communications specialist

Mechanic / Electrician / Plumbing

Volunteer & Membership Coordinator- organizing outreach to participants in the wider community

Participation in community contract & processes is also expected.

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