Community Pumpkin Carving: Sunday October 24th 4-6pm

B.Y.O.P Pumpkin. Pumpkin carving is fun to do with friends! Come join us on Sunday October 24th for some good ol fashioned fall fun!


5 th Annual Acorn Festival : Sunday Nov 7 1-4pm 

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5th Annual ACORN FESTIVAL  Sunday  November 7th 1- 4pm 

Event by New England Acorn Cooperative and D Acres of New Hampshire Organic Farm & Educational Homestead

218 Streeter Woods Rd, Dorchester, NH 03266-6317, United States


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Join the New England Acorn Cooperative and Friends at
218 Streeter Woods Road, Dorchester, NH 03266

Calling eighteen Acorn aficionados, enthusiasts and oak-nut neophytes: to celebrate the fall of them! Once again we will share acorn lore, food, and FUN.

Sunday’s activities will include a D Acres tour/acorn gathering walk, acorn processing “how to”s and demonstrations & further resources. There will be acorn foods to sample, recipes to share, an Acorn/Oak art exhibit, a Golden Acorn Treasure Hunt, and contests for the biggest acorn & littlest acorn.

The 2021 Acorn Festival opens at 1PM with the tour/walk through beautiful paths of D Acres. We will identify how to tell a “good” (for eating) acorn from a “bad” one, and tools & techniques for gathering efficiently with a light footprint.

1:30-3:00PM: Inside demonstrations of acorn processing and storage methods, using equipment found in most households.

3:00-3:30PM Acorn Foods samples include: bread, crackers, cookies, and acorn coffee.
The Golden Acorn Hunt commences, and participants are invited to view the Acorn/Oak Art Exhibit and submit entries for the Biggest and Littlest Acorn contest.

3:30-4:00 Wrap up and closing Toast

WHAT TO BRING: Dress for the weather (& bring a mask for inside). We’ll have plenty of acorns to work with, but you are welcome to bring acorns you have gathered elsewhere for evaluation & to use the Cooperatives Dave-Built Nut Cracker to process. Creative? Collective? Submissions for the Acorn/Oak Art Exhibit may be entered on the day. See categories below:

• Acorn drawing / painting / photo (please bring in frame that can stand on table)
• Acorn poem / song (please bring typed copy for perusal by participants)
• Acorn sculpture or collage


Highlights will be shared online with everyone!


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