Covid-19 Update on Lodging at D Acres

We are reopening at D Acres allowing visitors onsite overnite.

We have tent platforms, meadow and car camping spots available. Check our website for prices and availability.


Upon arrival please honk 3 times at the check-in parking lot.


To insure the safety of staff and visitors these are the rules:

1) Visitors are not allowed to enter any building on the farm.

2) Maintain a 6 foot social distance with other guests and staff. Please always wear a mask when interacting with other guests and staff.

3) We require 1st time visitors unfamiliar with the location to arrive before 9pm on their 1st night. Please check-in by honking your horn 3 times in the parking lot when you arrive.

4) Bring your own sanitizer. Please carry it with you at all times to use before and after public items (i.e. water spigot, porta potty door, and farm store bell).

5) Ring bell at Farmstore #218 or call 603.786.2366 if you are seeking assistance from staff.

6) Visitors only utilize the porta potty as a restroom. The porta potty is located in the check-in parking in proximity to the red school bus. Feel free to pee outdoors.

7) Water is accessible onsite outside of the Ox Hovel. Check with staff regarding location and procedure.

8) Use only the picnic table designated for guests near the fire pit.

9) Please do not touch any tools, farm equipment or anything else that is touched by others ( such as animal pen doors and farm cats :)

10) We require payment by credit card prior to arrival - no refunds within 7 days.

11) Quiet hours after 10pm . Please limit interaction to your party.

12) There is no trash or recycling onsite for visitors. Please plan to pack it out.

13) If accessing Green Woodlands or Rumney Crag please abide by their code of conduct.

14) In making reservation visitors agree to all these conditions, lack of adherence to these guidelines will result in immediate departure and forfeiture of fee.

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