Acorn Festival with Daniela Dana

Sunday, December 8 - -

Acorn Festival with Daniela Dana
Dec 8, 1-3pm

The New England Acorn Cooperative is a young and burgeoning network of acorn enthusiasts from New England and beyond. We hold workshops on processing acorns, provide equipment for acorn-enthusiasts to process their own harvests, host acorn and wild-food dinners, and act as a support and educational network for anyone interested in oaks and their beautiful fruits.

Meat Stock and Bone Broth

Saturday, December 14 - -

Meat Stock and Bone Broth, 2 hours in kitchen

Saturday, December 14, 3-5 p.m

Louise Turner- Louise Turner is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and has a Master of Science in Occupational

Therapy with over 40 years of experience in hospital, home care, transitional care, and nursing home settings. With her medical background she has a deep understanding of current medical and health issues that our society is experiencing. Her interests in nutrition and herbal medicine complement and broaden her medical background. She is a
Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation, which supports the restoration of nutrient-dense whole foods to the American diet along with the necessary food preparation and preservation techniques.

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Northeast Permaculture Convergence

Friday, July 24 - -

We are excited to announce the return of the Northeast Permaculture Convergence. Save the date and join us for this exciting regional event!

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