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The staff and residents of D Acres produce a variety of cottage industry crafts. Contact Us for more information on purchasing, or, better yet, come visit our Farm Store.



We Currently Have for Sale or Trade:

Herbal Tea (Grown at the farm, 13 Ingredients) - $12/oz.

Organic Eggs- $5 / Dozen

Garlic $12 /lb

Green Mountain Organic Feed Layer Pellets - 50lbs/ $20

"Community-Scale Permaculture Farm" by Josh Trought - Signed Copies - $40



Herbal Tea

An aromatic blend of echinacea, spearmint, chocolate mint, calendula, red clover, nettle, hops, raspberry leaf, and lemon balm.

Sample for free here at the farm

D Acres Organic Herbal Tea is now available at the following establishments: Newfound Grocery, Republic Cafe, Artistic Roots and here at the farm!

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