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Joshua J Trought

Joshua J Trought (Executive Director) is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Colorado in Boulder. While at the University he participated in School Year Abroad in Spain studying Spanish & European Economics. The program provided not only an opportunity to perfect basic Spanish but also an opportunity to travel Europe and North Africa. In addition, he worked at Campus Recycling Center in Boulder, which provided an in-depth experience that illuminated the realities of large scale recycling. Josh worked at a health clinic for marginalized peoples in Boulder, where he served as a nurse's aid to translate and record vital signs for predominantly Spanish speaking patients. He was an Intern for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder acting as a research assistant in a project that measured high atmospheric levels of Methyl Bromide and other greenhouse related gases. During the summer of 1992, he served as an intern at the National Park Tapanti in Costa Rica analyzing species diversity and assisting in day to day duties of park rangers.

After receiving his B.S. in environmental studies, Josh spent several years interning and volunteering in various environmental and agriculture projects. These included participating in the Solar Energy International summer intern training programs in Colorado, building a straw bale house in the Pacific Northwest, building a timber home with locally forested materials in Wyoming, post-hurricane reconstruction of homes on St John, USVI, and farming on several organic farms and experiencing sustainable communities in the US and South America. As a self-directed learner, Josh has acquired knowledge and skill in environmentally sensitive construction and agriculture.

Involved in many community service activities, Josh received the Dorchester Citizen of the Year award in 2003. Josh currently serves on the Dorchester Conservation Commission and as the Dorchester representative and Treasurer of the Pemi Valley Solid Waste Council. In 2006, Josh was recognized as a leader in his community by the Union Leader in their "40 under 40" award program.

Josh's avocation is woodworking and he is a member of several NH Artists' Groups including Artistic Roots, an Artists Cooperative in Campton, NH, and is the former president of the Cardigan Mountain Art Association located in the Mascoma Valley. He is a juried member of the League of NH Crafters in woodworking.

Over the last 19 years, he has developed and implemented the vision of D Acres of New Hampshire, committed to educating others in environmental stewardship of land and forests within a framework of community shared decision-making. Josh's commitment to social justice and sustainable living has led to his ongoing efforts to share his knowledge and skill in underserved areas such as South America. He spent the winters of 2001 and 2002 volunteering with an NGO, "La Caravana Arcoiris Por La Paz," promoting the importance of peace and connection to the earth. In the summer of 2008, Josh worked as an intern for the Bread & Puppet Theater in Glover, VT.

In March of 2015 Chelsea Green published The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm which details the evolution of the farm-based education system at D Acres


See :38 of Josh on You Tube .

Will Ferullo - 

I grew up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Even as a young kid I always wanted to work. In my youth I would rake leaves, shovel snow, and do chores around my neighborhood and for family and friends. When I got a little older I started working for my Dad's construction company on weekends and school vacations. I graduated from Sacred Heart High School in 2003. Right after graduating I started working two jobs. Working by day for my brothers painting company and by night as a line cook at a restaurant. I got my first "real" job in November of 2003 working for a residential house framing company. I worked on various crews building homes for about 8 years.From there I branched out and learned other phases of carpentry/construction including cabinetry, furniture making, and fine finish work.I moved to Woonsocket, RI in 2008.Eventually I decided to work for myself, and became self employed in 2011. Over the years I did a lot of work I am proud of, from decks and porches to kitchen remodels, and everything in between.Over the course of the past 5 years I grew interested in a more sustainable way to live. I saw problems with so many of our modern ways of living. I grew more and more unhappy participating in the conventional system. The urban setting that I lived in illustrated this daily. I did what I could going to farmers markets, recycling, growing things in my apartment. I knew I could do more. I also grew tired of the noise, traffic, and lack of nature where I lived.

I came to D Acres for a visit basically on a whim, not knowing much about the farm, or what goes on here. Over the course of the week I realized I wanted to be a part of the community, and that what is going on here is really special. I felt as though I had found what I had been seeking, even if I didn't know what it looked like, or that a place like this even existed in the world. So I packed up basically the past 10 years of my life, said good bye to a long term relationship and many friends, to come live my dream as a farmer/homesteader. 

I feel very fortunate and grateful to have found this place, and been accepted as a part of the community. I plan to do all I can to contribute in whatever capacity or role is needed.

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