Current Positions

Long Term Work Trade Positions at D Acres:

While we cannot offer a salary at this juncture, we will provide room and board, which includes access to our woodshop, metal shop, craft room and yoga studio. Many residents also obtain revenue from online or offsite employment. 

Garden Manager

D Acres of New Hampshire, a nonprofit Organic Farm & Educational Homestead located in rural Dorchester, NH, seeks a farmer for the 2021 growing season and beyond.  The gardener will work with D Acres staff, residents and volunteers as a manager to care for the farm. While market vegetables is the focus, there will also be livestock and perennial plant responsibilities. We operate a campground and the majority of produce will stock an onsite stand and feed the D Acres residents.

We are specifically interested in offering this position to someone who is not a white male caucasion. Females and black & brown peoples are highly encouraged to apply. This farm has traditional hosted white affluence and we are seeking ways to transition into a farm that is more diversified and represents minority farmers.

We are looking for a person that enjoys gardening.  We appreciate a strong work ethic and a high level of maturity.  Due to the nature of the position, applicants must have experience working with plants.  Full growing season experience is necessary.

We have over 20 years of experience to draw from to help facilitate a working relationship with this land.  Established garden beds, animal pens and fencing, compost piles, greenhouses, root cellars and tools are on-site to be utilized.  

Good organization, time management and communication skills are a must. Seed to seed and weed management experience is crucial.  The farmer will also utilize and oversee volunteer help such as interns and woofers.  A willingness and ability to interact with guests to occasionally offer educational / learning experiences as they occur is a plus!

Employment could be a year round position or March/April - October.  

The salary we can offer at this time is a work trade for room and board. 

Hospitality Manager: We are looking for people who are able to handle the front and back of the house when it comes to guest services. 

We are host to hundreds of people all summer who want to find respite in the solitude of our farm.  Many of our guests have an enthusiasm for learning how our permaculture farm operates and many recreational enthusiasts choose us due to our close proximity to local biking, hiking, and climbing areas.

This position would be responsible for helping to market our accommodations, overseeing reservations, maintaining the sites, and providing general information and services that our guests may require.  An eye for detail and people skills is a must! 

Grounds Keeper: Help us maintain the general upkeep of the farm and campground. General maintenance, and repairs to existing/ new structures.  This could include, but is not limited to creating trails, repairing existing structures, maintaining privies, harvesting firewood, lawn and garden care, and all-around handy person!  Working knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry, farming, and community living are important.  Carpentry experience, knowledge and experience with power tools and driving large equipment necessary. (Chain saws, plow truck, skid steer, power tools in the woodshop, etc.)

Recreational Specialist: ISO Experienced bike mechanic, trail builder, and Nordic ski enthusiast. At D Acres we have a unique opportunity as a neighbor of Green Woodlands trail system. We offer camping, food, farm store, and restrooms to the public who access this immense network of groomed skiing and mountain biking trails. We would like to augment our services by adding additional trails on our property and emergency bike repairs and services to skiers. We are looking for someone who is passionate about recreation and helping others get exercise in the woods. We have regular traffic on the weekends and are looking to grow.  We need someone who is willing to help folks with a flat or a bad gear change or offer advice on technique or help wax some skis.  Trail building is probably where we could use the most significant help in the summer months, although grooming in the winter is also a major focus. 

Chefs, artisans, and farmers are always welcomed to contact us to consider partnerships to live and work at D Acres.





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